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My cooking feats


Scampi grilled and served

This has to be one of the easiest fish to cook IF it’s fresh and you have the right utensils.

Ingredients: Scampi fresh from the fish monger (here we get them from the Adriatic sea), rock salt, black pepper, white wine, garlic, olive oil.

Method: Clean and dry Scampi then add rock salt and pepper in abundance leaving to marinate with white wine (dry is best). Leave marinate 1 hour or so, the more the better I always say.

Use a  grill pan and heat it up on high then place your Scampi gently, having shaken off excess salt and wine, onto the pan. Allow to cook on high til skin turns crispy (about 4mins each side) depends on your stove heat capacity.

Then place on serving dish adding olive oil and eat! Enjoy!