Fegato ed altro (chicken livers)


1 medium Onion 100 grams chopped mixed fegati, duroni, cuore (chicken livers, gizzards, heart) 3 slices guanciale  (cheek lard) 2 tablespoons Brandy Hot chilly pepper to taste Salt, pepper & oil to taste


In a fry pan Sauté onion sliced thinly with water, once transparent, throw away water, add sliced and chopped guanciola and oil wait until frying then add chicken livers, gizzards and heart toss quickly then throw in salt, pepper, brandy and hot chilly. Stir fry until cooked and brandy has evaporated. When finished cooking you should have a small amount of liquid in the pan, serve with toasted italian bread. Red wine. Serves two for antipasto. Follow with Spaghetti al Pomodoro o Penne Arrabiata. Tossed Salad.


The photographs included here are of Beef Liver and the recipe is almost the same only no guanciola and substitute the brandy for grappa, plus added fresh oregano to this! It was quite yummy according to my hubby.

Onions sauteed in water
Onions sauteed in water
Prime Beef
Chopped Beef Liver
Adding Chopped liver
Adding Chopped liver
Right colouring for plating up!
Right colouring for plating up!

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